We Can Quilt It For You

Prices for edge to edge quilting

      Regular Premium
Crib 30 x 45 Up to 1200 SI $ 50.00 $ 60.00
Lap 40 x 60 Up to 2400 SI $ 55.00 $ 65.00
Youth 45 x 80 Up to 3600 SI $ 65.00 $ 75.00
Twin 66 x 96 Up to 6336 SI $ 75.00 $ 85.00
Full 81 x 96 Up to 7756 SI $ 90.00 $ 105.00
Queen 90 x 102 Up to 9180 SI $ 105.00 $ 125.00
King 102 x 102 Up to 10,404 SI $ 120.00 $ 140.00

SI = Square Inches Width x Length If SI exceeds the listed size above the price goes to the next level.

Sample designs are pictured below. Certain edge to edge designs slightly higher priced due to the longer stitch time. They are marked as Premium in the pictures below.

We specialize in custom quilting starting at $.06/inch.
Minimum is $100.00.

Maple Leaf Blues
Maple Leaf Blues
Pearl Swirls

Heart, Stars, and Loops
Delicate Vine
New Sprial

Teddy Love
Hears, Loops and Stars

Let It Snow
Cherry Blossoms
Geo Tech

Alternating Loop
Cool Beans
Premium Vines

Random Clams
Premium Starry Nights
Premium Elegant Swirls

Animal Crackers
Lacey Swirls
Nesting Waves

Stars and Moon
Cherry Bloosoms
Luv and Ribbons

Ginger Spring
Flower vines
Ginko Leaves

Premium Echo Hearts
Premium Echo Stars
                                                                         Machine Rental Program

S&B Quilting Studio offers customers an opportunity to rent a HandiQuilter to quilt their own quilts. This is a good opportunity to decide whether long arm quilting is for you.

In preparation to rent a machine, each quilter needs instruction to properly, safely and successfully use the machines. The instruction class will cover the areas listed below. This usually takes 2 - 3 hours to complete. During the class you will be provided with instruction, demonstration and the time to try each area of operation. Sheryl or Betsy will work with you until you are ready to quilt a simple free motion quilt top. After you have completed the course, you are prepared to rent the machines at an hourly rate. It is important that you begin hourly rental within 2 weeks of your instruction. If you don’t use what you learn within a short time, you would need to be retrained. “Use it or lose it!!!”

You will be taught:

  • Quilt preparation
  • Load the quilt
  • Machine on and off
  • Needle up and down function
  • Touch Screen display and functions
  • Thread the machine
  • Fill the bobbin
  • Check tension on bobbin and top thread
  • Bring up the bobbin thread
  • Tie off top thread
  • Clean and oil bobbin area between changes
  • Choose and set stitch length in regulated mode
  • Manual mode options

 Especially for the Sweet Sixteen

  •  Foot control
  • Preset speeds

S&B will provide:

  •  Thread
  • Practice quilt top


Classes scheduled to accommodate individual students. Call to make arrangements.

 Class cost: $75.00

Hourly rental cost: $20.00/hour

Credit Cards accepted